Raised planters – Mattishall

We were asked by a customer in Mattishall to clear an area of their garden, and build some raised planters so they could grow some vegetables. We made two site visits for this project. First visit was to discuss with the customer what work they required and get some measurements. Our second visit was to discuss in further detail how we planned to carry out the work and make sure everything was covered.

Our first task on this project was to break up an existing concrete slab. We surveyed the area with a CAT scanner to detect any underground cables or pipes. Once we knew the area was clear we broke up the concrete pad with a digger with a hydraulic breaker attachment. We also clear an area of grass that was being prepared for bark. We moved a total of 15 tonne of soil and rubble.

Once the areas were cleared we laid some geotextile membrane to prevent any weeds from coming though. We then started building the wooden planters from sleepers and a wooden archway which was built on site. Once the raised beds were built we coated the insides with bitumen paint to protect the sleepers from rot.

We used 12 tonne of top soil to fill the raised beds and 4m³ of bark. We finished off around the raised beds with plum slate.

Once all the work was completed you could see what a total transformation was created and we had turned the customers vision into reality. The custom built archway with built in raised beds with the trellis is ideal for growing plants to grow over the archway and screen the garden behind. The raised planters have given them ample of growing space for vegetables to be grown. The plumb slate and bark has finished of both areas for easy maintenance.

General information about raised planters

Raised planters are an excellent way to garden, especially if you’re dealing with poor soil quality or limited space. These planters are essentially elevated beds that provide a contained area for plants to grow. Here are some advantages of raised planters:

  1. Better Drainage.  Raised planters typically have good drainage, preventing waterlogged soil and root rot.
  2. Improved Soil Quality.  You have control over the soil composition, allowing you to create the perfect environment for your plants to thrive.
  3. Reduced Weeding. Raised planters can help reduce the amount of weeding required, as they are less susceptible to invasion by weeds from surrounding areas.
  4. Easier Access.  The elevated design of raised planters makes gardening more accessible, especially for those with mobility issues. You can tend to your plants without bending over or kneeling.
  5. Extended Growing Season.  Raised planters can warm up faster in the spring, extending the growing season and allowing you to start planting earlier.
  6. Pest Control. Depending on the height of the raised planter, you may experience fewer pest problems, as some pests have difficulty accessing elevated beds.
  7. Aesthetic Appeal. Raised planters can enhance the visual appeal of your garden, adding depth and dimension to your outdoor space.

When constructing raised planters, you can use various materials such as wood, metal, or even recycled plastic.  Additionally, consider the location of your raised planters in terms of sunlight exposure and accessibility for watering and maintenance. With proper care and attention, raised planters can yield bountiful harvests and add beauty to your garden.