Garden clearance, fencing and turfing near Fakenham

We were contacted by a customer who had recently purchased a property near Fakenham, to carry out a garden clearance, install new fencing and turf the garden.

Clearing and levelling the garden

On this project we decided to carry out the work in stages.

Firstly, we carried out clearing and levelling the garden. We arranged to have a digger on site to assist with digging and levelling the ground. All the brambles, nettles and green waste were cut down and taken to the local recycling centre for disposal.

We then arranged to make the garden secure. One side of the garden didn’t have any fencing and the back fence wasn’t secure. We discussed various options and the customers decided to go with standard closeboard fencing with concrete posts and gravel board.

Turfing the garden in Fakenham

Once the garden was secured, we then arranged to turf the garden. On this visit we carried out more levelling work to the ground and prepared the garden, ready to be turfed. Once the area was prepared, we could lay the turf which covered an area of 150m².

A garden transformation!

Once all the work was completed there was a big change in the garden from our very first visit. We have transformed an unusable and overgrown garden to an area that is now secure and that can be enjoyed by the customers.